Tethys when brand new - many years ago

In the spirit of the Cannonball

I had a really frustrating, stupid setback on Monday. I literally dropped my scooter. When I come out of my garage, I make a tight turn between the garage and Libba’s van. A three point turn to be facing down the driveway. Somehow I didn’t cut the turn tight enough and tapped the van. (That van is the only way Libba can leave the house, so I’m paranoid about damaging it.) I tapped the van and then overcompensated, overbalanced, and dropped the scooter. Soooooooooo frustrating!

Luckily there really wasn’t much damage. One of my handle bar end mirrors snapped off – very happy that it wasn’t one of my main mirrors! But, somehow the lid to my topcase ripped off at the hinges. I need that lockable space for the Cannonball! I’ve got a couple of door hinges and will see if I can reattach it ‘well enough’.

I posted to the Modern Vespa forums about my stupid human trick and received the wanted commiseration. One fellow scooterist said my door hinge workaround was definitely in the spirit of the Cannonball. To stay with the spirit I should make the repair outside on my driveway with only the tools I’ll be carrying on the run. I think I’ll use my garage while I can!

with broken mirror and