Tethys when brand new - many years ago

My 2021 Cannonball run ends in Delta Utah

pool of dripping coolant under scooter

Despite herculean efforts we (and I mean the whole blasted scooter community!) weren’t able to source a replacement part for my water pump within the timeframe of the cannonball. So Delta Utah is where my route now really deviates from the rest of the cannonballers. The scooter community amazes me. The Vespa dealer, Scooter Lounge, came down from Provo to meet the group, bring needed parts and supplies, bring folks to help change tires and such. I think he was close to upset as I was that we weren’t able to fine a water pump for me. Even the rebuild would take more time than that. He immediately started helping me with logistics. He had room in his transit van for my scooter and me to go up to Provo. It will be much easier to get things set up from here. Plus, I’m just taking a day to sleep!

Of course I am disappointed to not make it to Eureka, but this has been a fantastic experience. I’ll take time to organize vids and photos and flesh out the tales of the road now. It was a doozy! Do keep tracking some of the other riders, they really are amazing. I’ll ride out this last bit of the cannonball vicariously through them.

transitioning from road rally to regular tourist at Provo hotel

Home sweet home!

4 thoughts on “My 2021 Cannonball run ends in Delta Utah

  1. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to finish the run. You’ll finish it next time.

    Because we’re going to get you a fresh horse at every stop! How many scooters is that? 7? 12? We start fund raising tomorrow!


    1. You know, the dealer in Provo actually offered me his GTS if we could get insurance coverage figured out! But this was me and my scoot and this is how far we got.

  2. Amazing what you have done!

    For your next one,
    a) it’s going to be much cheaper: you already have all the necessary equipment
    b) it’s going to be much easier: you already know how thing works, the routes, the times, the experience
    c) it’s going to be a lot more fun: you already have conquer the fears of the unknow, you got new friends, you are already part of a community


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