Tethys when brand new - many years ago

Cutting out

My scooter has started cutting out. It’s scary when it does that. My first fear was a soft sieze but I checked my oil and it was fine.

I described my issue on Modern Vespa and found that 4 stroke engines don’t sieze unless they are run without oil. And that they never soft sieze, just a total hard sieze.

Lots of theories and things for me to check tonight at the hotel spark plug, spark plug cap… Anything could have rattled loose. Another rider was dragging his exhaust. All the constant jolts and multiple potholes sheared two exhaust stud. He took it to a local welder who welds a new head on and then they can remove the stuck part. Today he is back on the road.

I expect to be back tomorrow.

Pictures from the Dakota Lakes area.