Tethys when brand new - many years ago

Bonus point 1

The top pic is of my scoot at the ocean shortly after take off. The later pics are of some other scooters on the trip.

I made it to the day’s finish line. Tagged all the checkpoints and three bonus points. 1st day of the event, but third day of riding.

Today was the shortest day we’ll have. Yikes!

This was a beautiful day for riding. Nice and cool but no rain. Today was full of tree tunnels, springs, lakes, rivers, and mountains. There was some dirt riding, and a little bit of interstate. But mostly back-highway twisties.

When I first got my scooter I went joy-riding alot. On those rides I would just follow my headlight and only use the GPS to get me back home. This feels a lot like that, but not exactly the same. Having the checkpoints and bonus photos makes it feel a lot like orienteering or geocaching. Cross-country geocaching!

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