Tethys when brand new - many years ago

The fix, the hack, the hacky fix

I have a locking lid on my topcase once again. Woohoo. Door hinges worked! It isn’t watertight anymore, but hey that’s what baggies are for, right?

Vespa topcase with lid reattached and lockable.
It locks!

The pita part was that I had to uninstall it to be able to get to where the screws needed to go. The amazing part is that I didn’t break anything else while I was at it! Spirit of the Cannonball indeed!

Speaking of hack jobs, I had to make an adapter to have my front luggage rack carry a gallon can for gas. Based on weight balancing, the heavy tools will go at my feet, and the gallon of gas will help counterbalance things I put in my topcase. On the scooter forums you see these beautifully machined metal slabs precision cut and fitted. Me?

I used an old cookie sheet from an old toaster oven we don’t have any more. lol. Scooter hacks.

That tray had seen better days anyway!
1 gallon extra gas can mounted on front luggage rack adapter.
Firmly affixed.

Now I know I can make it from one gas station to the next even out west.