Tethys when brand new - many years ago


Still waiting on a few parts, but this weekend I was able to get started on the metamorphosis. Starting with some electrical upgrades that will help with visibility whether I’m commuting or cannonball-running. First something called the Signal-Minder. It does a number of things – auto-cancels turn signals, turns the turn signals into running lights to help with visibility, and gives a hazard lights feature.

Second is an Admore Lighting kit. It replaces the reflectors on my top box with actual lights that turn off and on with the brake lights. This puts a brake light at eye-level for cars behind me. Anything that helps me be seen.

You know that phrase it’s gotta get worse before it gets better?

1 thought on “Kafka

  1. I read Metamorphosis years ago. My oldest son, Kendall, loves Kafka and he asked me to read it. My memory issues have robbed me of the particulars of the story, but I do remember loving it. I’d never read anything like it. I’m enjoying following along with you on your journey. I’m living vicariously through you right now, we are going to have a ball ??

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